Noche de Reyes

5 de Enero de 2010

Tonight is the most magical moment of Christmas in Spain; it’s the night of the 3 kings.

All children go to see the parade celebrated in every city to receive the Kings. Madrid’s is the best one, and in some other cities they arrived by boat or helicopter.

Attending the show with such cold temperaturas is really hard, but as a reward you can get lots of sweets.

Then everyone goes home and eat the “Roscón” (the typical cake for this night) and drink hot chocolate. The roscón has 2 surprises inside; a small porcelain figure and a bean; the one who gets the bean has to pay for the cake (or do the dishes after), and the one who gets the figure is the king/queen of night and gets the crown included in the box. I’ve been getting the figure since I was born, which is really anoying for my Mum and Sister, whose name means “Kings”, and therefore is a special day for them.

Then everyone has to clean very well their shoes and leave one under the christmas tree, together with 3 plates of sweets for the Kings and 3 glases of milk for the camels. And after that, we all go to bed.

The morning after everyone has presents on their shoes, or if you were bold you get coal instead of presents.


Una respuesta to “Noche de Reyes”

  1. Sra. Bassas Says:

    les has contado la verdad sobre os reyes????


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