22 de Diciembre de 2009

Lovely day in Barcelona, visiting some relatives.

On great difference with India; there you arrive anywhere and outside the train station the rickshaw drivers wait for you, follow you, and almost kidnap you. They just take you to their auto in the parking lot, bargain a little (or too much)  and that’s it.

In Barcelona’s main train station is not like that. In Europe we are more organize, which doesn’t mean that we do it better. Here you go outside and there is a huge taxi parking, and I, obviously, walk towards it. But suddenly my sister looks at me with a face. “Where do you think you’re going?”

So here it doesn’t work like that; apart from the parking lot there’s a taxi lane, with around 10 taxis queuing. And parallel to it there’s another queue, around 50 businessmen that have arrive with us in the morning train. Travellers get into the cabs one by one while cabs abandon the lot and wait in line. So, instead of jumping into the first one you see, Europeans wait in line for more than 15 minutes to get a taxi.

But anyways, nobody complains or think this is ridiculous, at least they have the required time to have a smoke, absolutely necessary for most of them after the 2 hours and a half that the AVE takes from Madrid to Barcelona (630 Km).



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