Freekzing out

20 de Diciembre de 2009

I’m back in Madrid, Spain. More than 4 months after I left.

I reached yesterday. My family was waiting at the T4 with a coat, gloves, a scarf and a cured ham sandwich. Awesome. Reached my full furnished home (weird after my minimalist Indian flat), had Spanish omelette and went to bed.

Today I have waken up after 17 hours (something only possible in this quiet place) in my lovely soft bed covered with my goose feathers eiderdown.

My window was covered with ice, -14C outside. And then überaschung! I open the closet and, as I left in August, only summer dresses to wear with beautiful sandals… somehow I have managed to wear some warm stuff.

We’ve spent the morning unpacking and opening presents; happy birthday mum!

Then I had driven (on the right) to Carrefour, to get some Christmas lights. It’s amazing how many rules you have to remember here, and there are roundabouts! However, I haven’t crashed or anything.

Back home to decorate the Christmas tree, full of lights and Indian elephants, while George Michael was singing “Last Christmas”, officially inaugurating the season.

Birthday lunch; prawns (they had let me to eat with my hands) and lots of fish (with special fish cutlery). That kind that tastes like fish, just salted. No masala, no curry, no spicy at all. You probably have no idea what I’m talking about!

And I’ve got a cold, so afternoon by the fireplace with the blanket watching a movie (a boring movie with no songs and no dancing, and with dialogues I understand, so no fun trying to figure out what the yaars are talking about). We’ve had tea, “as in the movies”; teapot, china teacups with plates, teaspoons, and “flavoured water”. They have given me an odd look when I have asked for sugar.

And finally, I had a bath. Not a shower, a real bath (with bubbles and candles).

Everything is so quiet right now, it’s like if I was deaf. No building going on, no baraats, no fireworks, no rickshaws honking… it’s scary, feels like after a nuclear bomb.


2 comentarios to “Freekzing out”

  1. reyes Says:

    Bienvenida a tu casa,lo del frío fuera no lo hemos podido evitar, pero que te sientas a gusto en casa era el objetivo,y creo que lo hemos conseguido,y aunque la comida no sea picante,te gustará.Mi experiencia de copiloto contigo ha sido cuanto menos!¿ excitante??????????’ .
    Disfruta de tu estancia y del silencio, por que a la vuelta Mumbai te espera!
    sigue tiritando, sigue tiritando……………

  2. Raquel Says:

    Esto va dirigido especialmente a tus tías Asun y Keka para que practiquen su inglés y se defiendan solitas en Londres… ja,ja!!!!


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